Before you even apply for a role, it is vital that you understand both the role and the company in question. Your Red Executive consultant will help you to establish whether or not it is a good fit. We believe that you should only adopt a new role on the basis of passion. As a consequence, understanding an opportunity fully is integral to achieving your career goals.

Know the Job

  • Job Description – is there anything you don’t have experience of currently. Is it a direction you want to explore? Are you willing to take steps to get that knowledge/experience? How long will that take?
  • Potential Salary/Package on Offer – does this meet the market requirements and your expectations?
  • Location of the Company – do you know exactly where they are based and can you get there on a daily basis?

Know the Company

  • What is the history of the company? What successes and challenges have they experienced?
  • Who are the leaders of the business? What are their backgrounds?
  • What is the culture of the company?
  • Do you know anybody with experience of the company? What do they think of the business?
  • Is the offering sustainable on the market?

Get to know the business, the people, and the role inside out. If you have questions, ask your consultant. If you want more depth, utilize the interview to understand the full extent of the opportunity.