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Red Executive Search

  • Red Executive Search assignments are allocated to a specialist team in your specific area. You will have a Senior Consultant and a Resourcer focused on securing the perfect candidate for the role.
  • Our partners are provided with detailed reports at regular intervals, discussing the progress of the search.
  • The partner receives 100% exclusivity regarding talent introductions, ensuring that there is no conflict of interest and we can manage the process in a transparent manner.

Red Executive Search is the ideal solution in the following scenarios:

  • The requirement is business critical and is costing you daily by not having someone in this position. This could be a Senior or Mid-Senior level hire.
  • The timeline for the role is pre-defined and has to be met.
  • You want your ‘employer brand’ to be represented in a positive manner. For example, this could be the first hire in a new market or sector, where you plan for massive growth once the hire is made.
  • The search requires utmost sensitivity - for example, if the position involves the replacement of an incumbent.
  • You want to gain an understanding of a particular area, via the people already operating in it.
  • The successful candidate is likely to come from a very small talent pool.
  • Confidentiality is critical, or ehre market perceptions affect the client’s ability to attract the right talent.
  • You want a specific recruiter to represent your employer brand on the market.

Our Executive Search practice serves five key verticals of the Digital Technology sector, and has an impeccable track record with both mature and early-stage organizations.