Having just made the game-changing decision that you want to expand your digital offering into a new territory, you know that pitfalls can await. The international market can be cruel, and there are probably several competitors with a headstart on you.

Red Executive has been successfully navigating these hazardous waters for seven years. Our leadership team has around 20 years of combined experience. We understand that the first hire that you make in a new region may be the most important one that you ever make. We can help guide your business from ‘region-specific’ to ‘international pioneer’ - both in terms of geographical location and mindset.

Why place your trust in Red Executive for your international expansion, as opposed to a local supplier?

  • We are truly international – for over seven successful years now, Red Executive has operated across the planet, helping business identify and engage the top talent available in a variety of markets
  • We adopt a consistent approach – we will represent your ‘employer brand’ positively and uniformly across any new markets that you are considering entering
  • We can provide guidance – our mission is to help you to understand the cultural differences in entering a new market. Different markets require different approaches and therefore, different types of people to be successful. We can make you aware of the nuances of the region from an early stage of the process
  • One unique contact – you will be able to utilize us in the openings of all markets, building a partnership that is win-win, and that yields stronger, more positive results over time
  • Continued partnership - we can offer you a contingency service in each of the markets where you launch, for the continued expansion of the business

For more information, please get in touch to discuss your plans and understand our stellar international expansion service in more detail.