You have the product that will disrupt a market. You have the leadership team to lead a substantial business. You are preparing to scale the business. But what if your current HR/Recruitment structure does not have the bandwidth to cope?

Red Executive RPO will step into your current structure and represent your ‘employer brand’ proactively.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing for an area of your business where scaling is a priority enables you to provide a consistent approach, while lowering recruitment costs. Red Executive RPO identifies and engages the top talent on the market on your behalf, providing professional, well-trained recruitment professionals that can integrate into your internal structure and represent your brand on the market.

Why chose RPO?

  • Measurable Results – An SLA and agreed KPIs will be in place from the start of the contract
  • Effective Cost and Shared Risk – flexible and scalable to reflect your fluctuating recruitment requirements
  • Access to the Red Executive Network – instant relationships with active and passive candidates throughout our network
  • Reduce the Burden on HR - your HR department can work to create that scaling-positive culture internally, while also developing and maintaining your current workforce.
  • Uniformity – you have one unified voice representing your ‘employer brand’ through all of your searches
  • Quality – use our unique Talent Scorecard and interview techniques to ensure those engaged are definitely in the top 20% of talent for the role
  • Specialists – your Red Executive RPO representatives are recruitment professionals, and know how to represent your business positively on the market. Moreover, we are particular to the Digital Technology space and know the issues you face in scaling your business.
  • Passion – your Red Executive representative will be passionate about your business and feel aligned with your goals. Indeed, they will ultimately become part of your team.

Is Red Executive RPO for you?

Please feel free to get in touch and we will gladly assess your plans to scale, and tailor a unique proposal based on the needs of your organization.