About Us

Red Executive was formed in 2009 with a simple mission: to enhance digitally disruptive organizations by bringing them the finest talent on the market.

Why Red Executive?

Digital Technology is an exciting and expanding space, and, as a business scales, every hire is critical. Attracting the top talent is the strongest competitive advantage that you can have. Stagnation is the enemy. Disruptive organizations thrive on this reality.

Red Executive represents our partners’ employer brands proactively on the market, enabling us to identify and access the top candidates. We are uniquely positioned to match the talent to the organization, and bring them together.

Our Method


Enthusiasm. Your business goals are our motivation. We embrace every challenge and meet it head on.

Positive employer brand representation. We will expand your ability to hire on the market through a positive representation of your solution and culture.

Sharpness. Collectively, we are as sharp and experienced as it gets. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances arise - the Red Executive team is adept at thinking on its feet and dealing with every scenario professionally and efficiently.

Creating advantage. We are obsessive about identifying every individual’s competitive advantage - and we bring it only to the businesses that would most benefit from their unique skillset.

Reputation. Red Executive is an authoritative company, with an unrivalled reputation in the industry. We take this responsibility seriously.

Experience. Our staff is immersed in the Digital Technology space on a daily basis. Ensuring that we are always learning and always evolving is crucial to our growth.

Solution-driven. Every hire solves a problem for one of our partners. We place this at the front and centre of everything that we do.

Teamwork. When you partner with Red Executive, you gain access to the insight and experience of our whole team, not just a single point of contact.